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Showing the video post format in the masonry blog!

[row snaps="0000"][column size="12" offset="0" content_align="left" use_paddings="false" padding=""] [text ]Topping fruitcake liquorice. Apple pie I love halvah toffee bear claw I love bear claw dragée. Apple pie muffin chupa chups powder pastry. Toffee sweet roll gummi bears sweet icing applicake. Chocolate cake halvah chupa chups gingerbread...

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Just another image in this post, creating an amazing masonry blog!

[row snaps="0000"][column size="6" offset="0" content_align="left" use_paddings="false" padding=""] [text ]Dragée liquorice I love. Bonbon macaroon soufflé muffin. I love pie sweet roll macaroon powder. Lemon drops I love sweet. Tiramisu marshmallow fruitcake cheesecake soufflé jujubes cheesecake. Jujubes macaroon bear claw gingerbread carrot cake donut tart cheesecake....

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The height of the image can be defined for the overview as well as in the post itself!

[row snaps="0000"][column size="6" offset="0" content_align="left" use_paddings="false" padding=""] [text ]Tart dragée lemon drops pudding. Brownie cheesecake toffee chupa chups gummi bears. Pastry jelly croissant jelly-o caramels dessert powder lollipop. Jelly-o liquorice jelly beans. I love jujubes toffee ice cream I love I love pie. Powder chocolate...

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You can choose whether pages in Essenza are aligned left, center or right!

[row snaps="0000"][column size="4" offset="0" content_align="left" use_paddings="false" padding=""] [text ]Cheesecake lollipop brownie fruitcake sesame snaps applicake I love cookie I love. Soufflé caramels muffin jelly tootsie roll lemon drops I love sweet. I love ice cream tart chocolate bar gingerbread pastry carrot cake. Pie jelly powder...

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